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Meteor shower from Comet ISON?

One of the exciting possibilities from last year’s erstwhile comet celebrity – Comet C/2012 S1 ISON – was that the comet might spawn a meteor shower, visible this month. Will it? Astronomers agree: the chance is extremely remote that we’ll see meteors from Comet ISON in January 2014. Still, nature can be unpredictable, and the sky often surprises us. Read ... Read More »

10 Lessons from the “Comet of the Century”

For the millions of enthusiasts hoping to see a glowing dagger of light hanging in the night sky, the premature demise of Comet ISON was a crushing disappointment. But for the astronomers who had pinned great hopes on the comet as an object of study, Comet ISON fully lived up to its billing   Read more at: Read More »

Jan. 16 May Be Last Best Chance to Search for Comet ISON’s Remains

Is there any hope of detecting what’s left of Comet ISON after the sun proved too much for its delicate constitution? German amateur astronomer Uwe Pilz suggest there remains a possibility that a photographic search might turn up a vestige of the comet when Earth crosses its orbital plane on January 16, 2014. Read more: Read More »

Hubble Looks but Finds No Trace of Comet ISON

On December 18, the Hubble Space Telescope slewed to Comet ISON’s expected position and found nothing down to the incredibly faint magnitude of 25. According to astronomer Hal Weaver, who planned the ISON search, that limit implies any remaining fragments would have to be smaller than about 500 feet (160 meters) in diameter. Read more: Read More »

More news on ISON?


I have been hearing some interesting information about ISON. Long story short, NASA and other agencies will be monitoring this closely. Clearly we can’t see much right now, and there are a lot of questions. There is a possible theory going around that maybe some of ISON nucleus is still there, but surrounded by a cloud of dust. In the ... Read More »

ISON: Final thoughts, information and memories

I thought I would make another post and link to a few sites who have posted the last few data about ISON. ISON is gone. It won’t be visible to naked eye, if anywhere. Check out this article from And this one from   I think I’ll keep this website online for the foreseeable future as a time capsule about ... Read More »

Final Verdict: ISON is dead

I was waiting to post this – waiting for possibly more data, waiting for some event, a miracle, i don’t know. I was waiting for something. I guess that wait is over. It is official: ISON is dead -It seems that is was just a ball of dust that escaped the sun. I’ll be trying to get some more information ... Read More »

More updates on ISON


As time goes by, more and more data is being reviewed. So far, the images still show something out there, but its getting much dimmer as time goes by. No one is sure what we are even seeing. Is it just a dust ball? Is is some nucleus that survived? Has that now disintegrated? No one knows at this point. ... Read More »

Updated Images and theories on ISON


News is a little slow this morning; I think everyone is still recovering from a busy day yesterday. I have found a blended image of SOHO showing the path ISON is taking (left). Its a pretty neat picture, also an updated most recent picture from SOHO (right).   There is some talk on the forums about a new rotation being ... Read More »

Part of ISON’s nucleus has SURVIVED!


Its been a crazy day. We’ve seen Comet ISON make its approach to the sun. We saw ISON get bright last night and everyone was very excited; ISON was back to normal it seemed. In the morning, the data was looking pretty bad. Images were showing ISON getting dimmer – much dimmer. Then ISON seemed to flatten out and the ... Read More »