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Comet ISON has a double tail!

 Amateur astronomers are getting a better look at Comet ISON as it dives toward the sun for a Nov. 28th close encounter with solar fire. As the heat rises, the comet brightens, revealing new details every day. This photo, taken Nov. 10th by Michael Jäger of Jauerling Austria, shows a beautiful double tail

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  1. when will will our best view of the comet be in New Carlisle. In. be?

    • Early morning, before dawn. You can start looking now with binoculars or a small telescope. Around December 1st, if it lived when passing the sun, it should be bright enough to see with naked eye. Check out this link: – This has a skymap for each day on where to look. This should help you for now. Keep checking back, we will be posting more helpful information as we learn more about the comet. Thanks for visiting!