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ISON has passed the last REDLINE

Comet ISON has passed the last redline. A “Redline” is where other comets previously disintegrated. This is good news, as it has made it past all other comets that have disintegrated. ISON-CrossingRedLines

However, sadly, most experts think it will break apart before or during perihelion (perihelion is the moment it will be passing the sun). The light curves from monitoring equipment are similar to that of other comets that have broken apart. November 21st is when ISON will be in view of NASA’s STEREO satellite and at this time, we should have a pretty good idea of what it is doing.

As for viewing ISON – its getting harder and harder each day. It is getting very low on the horizon and soon we won’t be able to see it at all until it passes perihelion  (that’s a big if right now)

All we can do it keep watching and just maybe it will surprise us all.

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